Globe Control Valve CV-LK

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Globe Control Valve CV-LK


• Easy maintenance
• Excellent anti-vibration structure
• Simple zero and span adjustment
• 1⁄2” split range by simple adjustment without
changing parts
• Reversible operating direction
• Corrosion-resistant material
• Easy to attached small diaphragm actuators
• Sensitive and correct response for high
• Economical energy saving
• Stable operation
• Orifice with filter available
• Optional visual dome indicator
• Can be coupling with EQ-ball valve, 3-way ball,
High performance butterfly valve, globe valve,
Segment Ball Valve or specify by user.
• Stainless steel coupling bracket provided.

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Mini-type pneumatic diaphragm single seat (sleeve) control valve
Pneumatic single seat (sleeve) control valve is made up of pneumatic multi spring diaphragm actuator and lower flow resistance straight single seat valve (sleeve). The single valve is connected directly with its guiding structure on the cap; with its corn is ram structure, which is smaller and lighter than normal single seat valve and its flux are bigger than normal sleeve valve. It is widely applied in industry process and automatic controlling system.

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