Triboelectric Dust Monitor

Triboelectric Dust Monitor


  • Detect solid particles with diameters from 0.1μm to 200μm
  • For high pressure application up to 1MPa
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Easy to maintenance
  • Probe Length : 200mm/400mm/600mm/800mm/1000mm


Cement Plant
– For coal ash and other raw material
– Cement & Concrete product
– For kilns, Air Quality Control System
– For Steel Sintering
– For Casting
– Coke Ovens
Chemical Plant
– For catalyzation
– Smoke Removal
Rubber & Carbon Plant
– Handling Raw Material
Waste Incinerator Plant
– Monitoring Environmental
– Incinerator


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DM11 is a triboelectric sensor. When solid particles impact the isolated metal probe, or pass nearby, they transfer their charge to the metal probe. The charge is amplified and converted to 4-20mA signal output or RS485 Modbus RTU with proportional to dust concentration.

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