Nylon Shaft
While ordering flexible shaft & accessories, each item should be ordered for specific tube / pipes size or size range.
Stainless steel inner core ensures our shaft have longest life, resistance to corrosion.
To order flexible shaft(s) determine tube I.d. & length of longest tube (s). Order flexible shaft(s) to correspond with tube I.D.(s), & length.
Please ask for special or longer length.

Steel ShaftLKS Series
It is used for cleaning of tube by transmitting power in terms of rotation form the motor unit to tool head cutter or brush within tube.
Inner Core
It is flexible wire with multiple wound opposite layer. It is made of high tensile spring steel or stainless steel (as per requirement) and passed through heat treatment processes to make it absolutely vibration free.
Outer Casing
It is flexible, double interlock, circular rounded, made of galvanized steel strip, Special spring steel lining is provided within outer casing to avoid any friction between inner core & outer casing.
One end of shaft with machine end socket is attached to suitable motor and other end is attached to tool end. Steel

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