Biogas analyzer system BGA-1000F

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Biogas analyzer system BGA-1000F


  • Measure up to 4 gases
  • Auto drain and auto calibration


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Analysis cabinet’s housing is stainless steel which is adaptable to corrosive environment. Besides, cabinet is sealed to prevent from corrosive gas. Intelligent heater is built inside to ensure normal functioning of the system when inside temperature approaches 8°C. Analysis system can be programmed to realize auto‐drain and auto zero calibration function. Online infrared biogas analyzer is the core part of the system. Gas molecules Like CO2、CH4 which are composed of different types of atoms have absorption spectrum in infrared range. Absorption intensity observes Lamber‐Beer’s Law. Our product is on the basis of it. In addition, electrochemical oxygen sensor measuring module can be installed internally so as H2S Sensor. One single analyzer can measure up to 4 gas components. Our equipment can be applied to detect the concentration of landfill gas, biogas and CO2、CH4、H2S、O2 produced in the biogas generating process. It is applicable to various kinds of environment. Through analyzing parameter change, it helps to judge and alarm in industrial process. Meantime, 4‐20mA DC output and digital alarm output interface are available.

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