Conductivity Sensors

Conductivity Sensors


  • Can work stably for a long time
  • Built in temperature sensor, real-time temperature compensation, digital signal conversion and other functions.
  • Rapid response, low maintenance cost, real-time online measurement characters etc.
  • RS485 signal output, strong anti-interference ability, the output range of up to 500m
  • Using the standard Modbus RTU (485) communication protocol
  • The operation is simple, the electrode parameters can be achieved by remote settings, remote calibration of electrode.


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The conductivity industrial series of electrodes are specially used for the measurement of conductivity in a number of industries.
Electrodes in conductivity cells are constructed of a conductive material, such as graphite, stainless steel, or platinum. An AC voltage is applied between the outer 2 electrodes, this induces an ionic current in the solution. The ionic current is proportional to the concentration of ions in the water body. This current is measured to give the conductivity measurement.

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