WSEC1001 Inductive Conductivity Sensor

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WSEC1001 Inductive Conductivity Sensor


  • Performance in harsh chemical environments is excellent, chemical resistant material manufactured ensuring no polarized interference.
  • Design is done to avoid dirt, grime and effects of fouling layer.
  • Simple and easy to install so it’s a very adaptable to a wide range of applications.
  • Design electrodes applied to a high concentration of acids (such as fuming sulfuric acid) environment.
  • Conductivity sensor technology eliminates clogging and polarization errors.
  • Large aperture sensor, long-term stability.
  • Accommodate a wide range of brackets and use common bulkhead mounting structure, flexible installation.


  • Pipe cleaning of power plants
  • Food industry
  • Chemical production
  • Highly polluted environment
  • Acid concentration measurements
  • High concentration salt solutions (<10%)


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WSEC1001 is an electrodeless conductive sensor. Allowing for usage in harsh chemical conditions.
It has two coils that work together (driver and receiver coil). Driver coil induces an electric current proportional to that in the water body. The ions in the water carry this current (ionic current) and induce a current onto the receiver coil. The current induced on the receiver is measured to give the conductivity of the water.

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