Extractive Dust Monitor DM10.14E

Extractive Dust Monitor DM10.14E


  • Using laser forward scattering method to detect dust concentration, low detection limit
  • High temperature heat tracing of dust extraction make steam evaporation to avoid dust agglomerate blocking gas path under the influence of water, suitable for high humidity.
  • Pitot tube isokinetic sampling, comply with technical conditions of sampler for stack dust
  • Support automatic zero and manual span calibration in the field
  • Hot and wet application such as scrubber filter
  • High moisture application


  • Palm Oil Mill
  • Paper Mill
  • Gas Fuel Boiler
  • Aluminium Plant
  • Steel Plant


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DM10.14E extractive dust monitoring system is a high temperature heating extractive dust monitor, based on dust detection technology. D10.14E uniformly samples dust in the flue (stack) to the high temperature heat tracing dust measuring module to measure, the detection limit reach 0.05mg/m3. No moisture influence and high accuracy, and it applicable for ultra-clean emission. Low temperature and high humidity flue gas situation after wet deSox meet the coal fired power plant air pollutants emission standard. Under the negative pressure effect of jet pump, dust heated by sampling probe enters the measurement module. Heat tracing during the entire process of extraction, measurement and emission, it eliminates moisture interference, and prevent dust in the measurement module, using laser forward scattering principle to measure dust concentration. The exhaust gas after measurement pass into the stack.

It used electromagnetic valve and control unit to realize automatic counter blowing of gas path and measuring module, and automatic zero at regular intervals. After maintenance the laser device can be closed and calibration block can be inserted for manually zero and calibration. It used micro differential pressure transmitter and pitot tube to measure flue gas flow inside the stack, feedback to flow control device and controls pump velocity by changing the fluid flow, realizes pitot tube balance sampling, Isokinetic extracts stack dust to measure.

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