Hot/Cold Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

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Hot/Cold Liquid Turbine Flow Meter


  • Dry-dial , magnetic drive
  • Vacuum sealed register ensures the
    from condensation and keeps the reading clear.
  • Resist water hummer and pollution
  • Measuring the volume of cold or hot water passing through the pipeline


  • Large flow capacity , small pressure lo
  • High quality material for steady & reliable
  • Removable element structure ,easy installation
    & maintenance
  • Meet or exceed ISO 4064 class B
  • Pulse emitter can be install (optional )


  • Water purification and desalination
  • Water distribution networks
  • ETP Plant
  • Industry
  • Wastewater systems
  • Sewage treatment plants
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Turbine meters measure the velocity of the water flowing through with the help of a turbine. The volume is mechanically calculated, through the known section area and indicated with the roller counters in cubic meters. The unique form of the “paddle wheels” enables the Turbine meters to cover a very large measuring range with especially low head loss. They also reliably start measuring with small water quantities.

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