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Smart Pressure Transmitter


  • Flexible Sensor Input: DP, GP, AP, HP
  • Various output: 4~20mA, Digital Signals
  • Setting Various Parameters: Zero/Span, Trim, Unit, Fail-mode, etc.
  • Self Diagnostic Function: Sensor, Memory A/D Converter, Power, etc.
  • Digital Communication with HART Protocal
  • Exposion-proof Approval & Intrinsic Safety Approval: ATEX, FM, FM Canada, GOST, KOSHA, KTL, etc


  • Air compressor
  • Various type of pumps
  • Hydraulic machine
  • Water treatment plant
  • Water works
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The 31 Smart Pressure Transmitter is a micro processor-based high performance transmitter, which has flexible pressure calibration and output, automatic compensation of ambient temperature and process variable, configuration of various parameters, communication with HART protocol. Can also be used in a wide range of applications.

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