Smoke Density Meter SDM V9

Smoke Density Meter SDM V9


  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Continuously recording in percent (%)
  • Automatic calculation of Smoke Exceed Limit by Daily & Hourly
  • Scanning Distance up to 20meter
  • Aid to efficiency of combustion


  • Better accuracy over shorter path lengths
  • Reliable application due to redundant measurement
  • Low maintenance due to self-monitoring function
  • Future-proof for decreasing limit values


  • Palm Oil Mill
  • Paper Mill
  • Gas Fuel Boiler
  • Aluminium Plant
  • Steel Plant


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Smoke Density Monitor is used to monitor the smoke emission from all kinds of combustion and the soot contamination of inert gas. The measuring principles transmittance and scattered light forward. The automatic self-alignment optimized the position of the measuring beam and prevents incorrect measurement. An automatic check of zero and reference point as well as a contamination monitoring.

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