WSDO2001 High Temperature DO Sensor

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WSDO2001 High Temperature DO Sensor


  • Dissolved Oxygen Electrode applicable for Polarography Principle
  • With imported breathable membrane heads
  • Fluorine plastic, silicone, stainless steel wire mesh composite membrane.
  • Platinum cathode; Silver anode; Potassium chloride electrolyte.


  • small microbial culture reactors
  • environmental monitoring
  • wastewater treatment
  • aquaculture
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WSDO2001 is a dissolved oxygen sensor designed specifically for high temperature use. It can withstand steam sterilization up to 130 °C.

It uses the Polarography Principle, where the electrodes are polarized by a constant voltage. Oxygen present in the water body diffuses through the membrane and gives up its electrons. This electrical change is detected and converted to DO readings.

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