WMDO1001-PN DO Meter

WMDO1001-PN DO Meter


  • The instrument has all the parameters for microcomputer storing, calculating and compensating of the related measured dissolved oxygen values; WSDO4001 can set the relevant data, such as elevation and salinity.
  • It is also featured by complete functions, stable performance and simple operation.
  • It is an ideal instrument in the field of the dissolved oxygen test and control.
  • It adopts the backlit LCD display, with error indication.
  • It has an automatic temperature compensation; isolated 4-20mA current output; the dual-relay control; high and low points alarming instructions; power-down memory; no need back-up battery; data saved for more than a


  • Thermal power plants
  • Chemical fertilizer
  • Metallurgy
  • Environment monitoring
  • Biochemical engineering etc.
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WMDO1001-PN has special price advantages due to its simplified functions on the premise of guaranteed performance. The clear display, simple operation and high measuring performance provide it with high cost performance. It can be equipped with WSDO4001 electrode and can do ppm level measurement.

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