WSPH4001 Pure Water pH Sensor

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WSPH4001 Pure Water pH Sensor


  • It adopts the world-class solid dielectric and a large area of PTFE liquid for junction, difficult to block and easy to maintain
  • Long-distance reference diffusion channel greatly extends the service life of electrodes in the environment.
  • There is no need for refilling of electrolyte, therefore maintenance is low.
  • High accuracy, fast response and good repeatability


  • pure water
  • high-purity water
  • thermal power plants (with flow cell)
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WSPH4001 is a pH sensor widely used for all kinds of pure water and high purity water bodies.

The pH sensor detects the concentration of H+ ions present in the water body and converts this electrochemical current into a voltage. This is then converted to pH readings via a pH meter

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