WSPH1001 High Temperature pH Sensor

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WSPH1001 High Temperature pH Sensor


  • It adopts heat-resisting gel dielectric and solid dielectric double liquid junction structure; in the event that the electrode is not connected to the back pressure, it can withstand a max. pressure of 0.4 Mpa.
  • It can be directly used for ≤130 °C sterilization.
  • There is no need for refilling of electrolyte, therefore maintenance is low.
  • It adopts S8 or VP socket, which can be replaced by any overseas electrode.


  • thermal power plants
  • chemical fertilizer production
  • metallurgy
  • environmental protection
  • pharmacy
  • biochemical engineering
  • wastewater industry
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WSPH1001 is a pH sensor with high temperature resistant gel and solid dielectric two-liquid sensor.

The pH sensor detects the concentration of H+ ions present in the water body and converts this electrochemical current into a voltage. This is then converted to pH readings via a pH meter.

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