• UV201 Measument Principle Organic absorbs the 254nm UV by Mercury lamp, the analyzer calculates the absorbance UV 254nm by detection the rest light intensity, and through multiple LED to do turbidity interference, integrated calculate the organic content of water. Application Field Widely used in surface water, industrial discharged sewage, domestic sewage, animal husbandry and shery sewage continuous or real-time detection.
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  • UV202 Measument Principle With the difference of organic component in water, the maximum absorption wavelength is not the same; there is obviously difference with UV full wave absoption spectrum and with different UV spectrum character in different type of wastewater. Fixed COD through Deuterium UV-VIS ber spectrometer system to nish the spectrum scan of full-wave band. Model neural network for each different water sample separately, and convert the COD parameter exactly by spectrum turbidity interference technology. Application Field Widely used in environment monitoring, water and water conservancy monitoring, city sewage pipe network, ocean water monitor- ing, aquaculture, industrial process monitoring. The range of application for industrial wastewater including but not limited to: sewage treatment industry, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, medical industry, brewing industry and other relative industry.
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  • Feature Gauge, Absolute, Vacuum Models Available Submersible, General Purpose and Wash down Enclosures High Stability Achieved by CVD Sensing Element Current Output with LCD display The LTE series features stability and accuracy in a variety of enclosure options. The LTE series extends the packaging options via an all welded stainless steel back end for demanding submersible and industrial applications. The LTE feature had proven CVD sensing technology, an ASIC (amplified units), and modular packaging to provide a sensor line that can accommodate specials while not sacrificing high performance.
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