WMDO1001 Pure Water DO Sensor

WMDO1001 Pure Water DO Sensor


  • Dissolved Oxygen Electrode applicable for Polarography Principle
  • The silicone rubber permeable membrane imported from U.S. serves as the permeable¬†membrane and a steel gauze.
  • It is collision resistant, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant and has shape retention


  • Boiler water and condensates
  • Thermal power plants
  • Power plant desalted water
  • Places with trace oxygen content
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WSDO1001 is a dissolved oxygen sensor designed to meet corrosion resistance, shape retention and ppb-level measurements.

It uses the Polarography Principle, where the electrodes are polarized by a constant voltage. Oxygen present in the water body diffuses through the membrane and gives up its electrons. This electrical change is detected and converted to DO readings.

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