Single Parameter Gas Analyzer

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  • Features
    • Single Parameter
    • Response Time : 2S
    • LCD Display
    • Communication : RS485 Modbus RTU
    • Accuracy : ±2%F.S
    • Sensor Type : PID
    • Sampling flow with suction pump
    • Gas Station
    • Sewerage Treatment Plant
    • Water Treatment Plant
    • Oil & Gas Plantform
    • Chemical Plant
    • Landfill
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  • Features
    • Analyzer automatically blows the chromatographic column to speed up the component sieving and analysis
    • Gas line is inert processed to avoid the adsorption and residue of samples on the pipe wall
    • Configuration supports multiple detectors which can be used for complex sample analysis at the same time
    • Crude processing
    • Textile and dyeing
    • Chemical and pharmaceutical
    • Metal Smelting
    • Food & Drinks Industries
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  • Features
    • Adopting CV AFS technology with high measurement accuracy
    • Sampling untreated gas of large flow, strong resistance to adsorbability
    • Combining internal and external purge, long maintenance intervals
    • Real Time monitoring the dilution ratio and reflecting true working condition
    • Mercury valence state catalyzed and converted at 800°C; converting rate up to 95%
    • Apply to ammonia slip emission monitoring
    • Power Plant
    • Aluminium Plant
    • Steel Mills
    • Smelting
    • Glass Factory
    • Garbage Power Plant
    • Cement Plant
    • Chemical Plant
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  • Features
    • Suitable for harsh working conditions such as high temperature, high humidity, high dust, high pressure and small pipes where are not suitable for Insitu measurement
    • Single Line Spectrum technology free from interference of background gas
    • Automatic calibration, and backblow
    • Integrated structure design, high reliability and stability
    • Innovative Hall button design, high sensitivity and easy operation
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